Richard Munson

A behind-the-scenes look at the powerful House Appropriations Committee shows how this secretive and little-known body of thirteen members of congress controls hundreds of billions of tax dollars and makes decisions affecting all Americans.

Munson’s detailed and illuminating look at the appropriation process — his central purpose — is nothing other than superb. It should be required reading for students of government and for anyone trying to influence the legislative process.”

Issues in Science and Technology

Citizens interested in how Congress spends money would do well to read this book. … The book’s strengths are its accessibility to lay readers and its timeliness. … Munson deserves credit for shedding light on a usually dark but important aspect of Congress.”

Library Journal

The Cardinals of Capitol Hill is a lively and knowledgeable account of an arcane and unnoticed but extraordinarily important part of the legislative process. Munson provides real insights into people and processes in Congress that affect all of our lives.”