Richard Munson

Based on interviews with scores of Cousteau’s friends and colleagues, this book presents the first balanced portrait of a talented, charismatic, and little-understood man. 8 pages of photos.

Munson has done a commendable job of presenting the life and, in particular, the evolution of Cousteau’s development from showman of the deep to spokesman for world peace and environmental justice.”

Kirkus Reviews

Cousteau — the Captain and His World by Richard Munson is an excellent account of the life and times of this great man. It does not portray Cousteau as an angel — but describes the man exactly as he was. Some people will be surprised at some of the personal traits and aspects of his private life. Others will think differently. Arguably, the greatest Frenchman of the 20th Century, this is a book worth reading.”

— Review by Ned Middleton on Ama​zon​.com